A functional patio or deck at your home is a great accessory for enjoying summer weather. From formal cocktail parties to more casual, quiet dinners with friends, a comfortable and relaxing outdoor space is the perfect location. However, intense sunlight and rain can impede on your special plans. Solve this problem by installing high quality Cantilever patio umbrellas that offer superior protection from intense UV sunlight so your guests can continue to enjoy the atmosphere without worrying about the weather.

Treasure Garden Cantilever Umbrellas

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We offer a number of Cantilever umbrellas including octagon, rectangle and square shapes, as well as multi position umbrellas with tilt and lock features that allow you to control their position.

Cantilever umbrellas can be used to cover patio dining tables, outdoor bars, patio furniture, poolside lounge chairs and many other outdoor settings. The flexible and easy to use adjustment systems make it simple to reposition the umbrellas as needed. You can stay one step ahead of the shifting sunlight and ensure there is always a cool, shaded place on your patio or deck.

The wide variety of colors and styles makes it easy to find the Cantilever umbrellas that compliment traditional or modern patios and almost every style of patio furniture. Stop into our Canton or Wethersfield showroom today to browse our selection and learn more about Cantilever umbrellas.