Snow may still be covering the Connecticut landscape, but now is a great time to start thinking about buying new patio furniture for your home. If you wait too long into the season, you could face higher prices and the chance of inventory running low, since everyone else is scrambling to find the right chaise lounge chairs, wicker sofas and aluminum tables. Getting ahead of the shopping rush puts you in a position to get the outdoor furniture you want at a price you can afford.

Choosing the right furniture often comes down to three important factors: your budget, the space you have to work with and your own personal taste.


Before you head to the showroom to select patio furniture, make sure you can afford it. Unlike indoor furniture that can be used year-round, outdoor furniture simply cannot be used as often. Check your budget for what you can realistically afford. Decide if you want to do a complete overhaul of your patio, including new masonry and a pool, or if you only want to add a nice outdoor dining set for family and friends.


Everyone would love a sprawling backyard reminiscent of the old French aristocracy, but in most cases, we make do with what we have. Before shopping for patio furniture, take a good look at your outdoor space and decide what will fit without getting overcrowded. You can create beautiful and intimate patio settings in small spaces, but it’s a matter of finding the right furniture and using it wisely.


Every homeowner has their own personal taste. Some like traditional and plain, while others strive for extravagant and luxurious. Whatever your preference, look for patio furniture that matches your tastes and the landscape of your backyard. Aluminum, wicker, cast-iron and wood are all available when choosing patio furniture, so find the material that best suits your needs and fits in with your decor plan.

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