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When winter arrives in Connecticut, it often brings bitter cold nights. When the temperature drops, what could be more comforting than a roaring fire in the comfort of your own home? We understand this New England tradition and offer a wide selection of high quality fireplace accessories to help make your fire easier to maintain and more enjoyable.

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Keep your fire roaring steady with our iron fireplace grates that are designed to keep your firewood well-positioned throughout the duration. Grates help keep firewood from tumbling over onto the floor and offer a curved structure to assist you when building your fire.

Firewood is an essential component, but keeping it indoors can be difficult without a sturdy log hoop or wood holders. We carry a fine variety of firewood holders that are both stylish and functional. From classic log hoops to more contemporary wrought iron wood holders, you can keep plenty of wood nearby to ensure your fire blazes for as long as you want.

You should also consider adding one our decorative hearth rugs to your fireplace space. Fires often throw sparks, debris and embers that can dirty a carpet and, in some cases, cause a fire outside of the fireplace. Keep your home neat and safe by using durable hearth rugs that are designed for superior floor protection, while also adding a stylish accessory to your home.

Improve the ambience of your fireplace setting with one of our wrought iron candelabras. Designed to hold up to 10 candles, these home decor accessories add a touch of elegance, while also providing room illumination that creates a warm and comforting mood.

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