There are many ways to heat the rooms in your home. From wood fireplaces to space heaters, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, when it comes to efficiency and performance, gas stoves are one of the best methods. We carry a wide selection of Majestic brand gas stoves that not only add rustic charm to your home interior, but also provide you and your family with a heating source you can depend on.

Majestic Gas Stoves

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The gas stoves at New England Patio & Hearth feature direct vent so your room won’t fill with smoke and each unit is easy to install and keep clean. We also have vent free Majestic gas stoves that eliminate smoke entirely for an environmentally friendly and warm heating source.

Made from high quality cast iron and designed with state of the art Direct Vent technology, Majestic gas stoves offer a clean burning, efficient heater that can be used in practically any room in the home. With gas stoves you don’t have to worry about the mess of burning logs that can drag dirt and wood chips into your home. Log fireplaces also pose a greater risk of a fire in the room as embers shoot out when logs roll over. Gas stoves provide a safe alternative and still keep you just as warm.

The Concorde direct vent gas stove from Majestic is one of the more popular models for a reason. Classic styling combined with the warmth and ambiance of a burning fire make this stove a fine addition to living rooms, dens and game rooms. With the benefit of remote operation and the power of up to 28,000 BTU’s, the Concorde is both comfortable and convenient.

Available in two classic colors and two venting options, the Concorde can add heat to any room in your home in just a matter of hours. The direct vent model has a certified safety barrier available to cover the hot glass surface and the vent free model comes standard with a fixed safety screen installed.

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