Many homeowners wish to have the traditional comfort of a fireplace. However, keeping your fireplace in working condition requires the right tools. During the winter season, a fireplace will more use, which comes with plenty of ash, soot and other debris. We make it easy to maintain your fireplace by offering high quality fireplace tool sets with durable shovels, brushes, tongs and pokers.

Fireplace Tool Sets & Accessories

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When setting up, lighting and putting out a fire, there will be plenty of debris. From bark and kindling scraps to ash and embers, your fireplace will require continuous cleaning to keep it from becoming a home hazard. Our fireplace tool sets include high-quality brushes that allow you to sweep up the soot and ash a fire leaves behind. Keeping this debris from building up will keep your fireplace cleaner and make it easier to maintain.

Another important tool for keeping your fireplace neat is a shovel. After a fire, there will be wood fragments, ash and soot. Leaving this debris can be a health hazard, especially if you have pets or children. With our durable shovels, it is easy to scoop up the residue from a fire and safely discard it in a disposable bag. Use the brush to sweep the debris into a pile, then use the shovel to collect and dispose of it.

When a fire is burning, use our tongs and pokers to keep it roaring. Left alone, a wood fire will begin to fade and logs will collapse, cutting off the oxygen it needs to continue. With wrought iron tongs and pokers, you can position the logs in a way that will keep the fire burning bright. Tongs also help when you need to collect a log that has fallen from the fire. Using your hands is very dangerous and can cause serious burns. With our sturdy fireplace tongs, you can safely control your fire and keep it burning for as long as you want.

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