One of the joys of winter is relaxing in front of a warm and roaring fire. However, if you don’t have the proper enclosure there is a good chance that a floating ember or rolling log can cause a fire in your home. Avoid any such hazards by shopping our wide selection of high quality glass enclosures designed specifically for fireplaces.

Glass Fireplace Enclosures

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Glass enclosures significantly reduce the amount of splinters, soot and debris that a fire causes. Safe, durable and transparent, our glass fireplace enclosures allow you to enjoy a blazing fire without the hassle of cleaning up afterwards. We offer a number of designs so you can match glass enclosures with your existing room décor.

While screens are a popular options for many homeowners, the mesh construction still allows for burning embers to seep through and also fails to prevent dirt and soot from falling on the carpet in front of your fireplace. With a sturdy glass enclosure, you not only get a beautiful view of the fire but also get full protection from the many hazards a fireplace can cause. Anyone who has owned a fireplace knows that if you leave the room for even a few minutes any number of problems can occur that may result in a serious fire in your home.

By using glass fireplace enclosures you greatly reduce the risk of fire hazards such as burning embers, rolling logs and smoke that can ruin the comfort of a warm fire in the winter. Whether you are looking for a traditional glass enclosure or a more modern design, we carry a great selection of durable and functional glass enclosures that will allow you and your family to enjoy a roaring fire while feeling safe.

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