Keeping your patio or deck in great shape requires regular maintenance and the right accessories. At New England Patio & Hearth, we offer a terrific selection of Solair patio awnings that will block out harmful UV rays, repel light rain and keep common outdoor debris from creating a mess.

Solair Patio Awnings

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Solair brand awnings come in many popular designs including retractable awnings, vertical drop screens and power screens. Available in a number of sizes, colors and designs, these high quality awnings will keep patio furniture, guests and surfaces safe from extreme summer weather and will add a stylish accent to your outdoor home décor.

The flexibility of the Solair awning collection allows you to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area. The retractable awnings are ideal for providing ample shade on hot summer days and keeping rain from ruining outdoor parties. When retracted, these awnings blend into the background of your home, allowing a more open environment.

You can also control the amount of shade or sunlight with Solair power screens and vertical drop curtains that offer a sleek design and provide a perfect barrier from pesky insects. You will also find a great selection of window awnings that encompasses the technology of Solair awnings in a compact product for window applications. Window awnings enhance the look of your home, help control the indoor temperature and protect against sun damage.

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